Standards create frameworks to facilitate (international) trade, ensure safety, enhance product quality and increase and maintain consumer confidence. They are made by field experts and professionals and cover a wide range of regulations concerning the construction of products, managing processes, testing requirements, health and safety requirements, and many more.

The NORSOK standards are (inter)national Norwegian standards whose objective is “to support international standardisation work with Norwegian knowledge in order to improve international standards and reduce the need for NORSOK standards”. It is developed and published by Standards Norway with the support of the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) and the Federation of Norwegian Manufacturing Industries (TBL). Download the eBook for more information about NORSOK.

You will find the following information in this eBook:

  • How NORSOK standards came into being
  • The most important NORSOK standards for fire and blast protective products
  • The specific NORSOK requirements for doors, walls and windows

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